Born from steel and thunder, Tsargrad is the vision come to life from Conor Filipuzzi, and Glenn Marchildon.

In summer of 2012 Glenn and Conor decided to part ways with their current band, and create something that is true to what they believed in musically… a powerful simple metal, that told the story of the past through instruments of the present.

After writing several songs, Glenn contacted old friend and band mate Chris Galbraith (drums)to see if he was interested in joining. Chris quickly joined the ranks, and the search was on for a bass player. after performing several more shows, Matthew Marchildon joined forces, and the lineup was complete. After writing several more songs, and getting tight as a band, Tsargrad was born. They played their first show to a packed house at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto, and were very well received

In their short amount of time, as a band they have been able to win a battle of the bands record an E.P titled “Axes High” and open for international touring acts such as Sevens Kingdoms (USA) and Arkona (RUS) with rave reviews.

Blending powerful rhythm, heavy hitting drums, blinding guitars solos and lyrics that tell the stories of battles past is what Tsargrad brings to the stage night after night. And you can expect to hear more, as Tsargrad is just getting started.

Conor Filipuzzi: Vocals, Guitar
Glenn Marchildon: Backing vocals, Guitar
Matthew Marchildon: Backing vocals, Bass
Chris Galbraith: Drums

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Glenn marchildon
Phone: 416-708-7871
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